Angel Gutierrez

Conveyance Program Manager
Bureau of Reclamation

Dr. Gutierrez is currently a Professional Engineer working for the Bureau of Reclamation’s Yuma Area Office. He was born and raised in Yuma, AZ and started working for Reclamation as a student intern in 2008. He left Reclamation and earned his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Geotechnical Engineering at Arizona State University. Upon graduating, he returned to Yuma and currently works in the Facilities Engineering Group managing Yuma’s Dam Safety, Power, and Review of Operation and Maintenance programs. Angel works with multiple stakeholders including water districts, farmers, municipalities, and other Reclamation offices to improve current operation and maintenance of stakeholder facilities, including safety measures related to water conveyance. He has developed strong relationships with stakeholders and is heavily sought after by them for general technical assistance. Dr. Gutierrez has also been awarded multiple research grants focused on bio-cementation through Reclamation’s Science and Technology program.

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