Hassan Elsaad

Principal Engineer

Hassan Elsaad is a principal engineer and project manager on the design and installation of special projects in the SRP irrigation system. Hassan managed the required modification of the SRP irrigation system by the historic SRP-GRIC Water Settlement. He led the Cragin dam and pipeline system study that later became part of the SRP water resource system. Hassan was the Water Standards committee Chair that improved the engineering design standards and specification, maximized field system operational benefits, minimized future maintenance and improved safety. He updated the Bridge Design Guidelines over crossing the SRP canals, introduced fiber shotcrete that eliminated the use of steel in canal banks. Hassan introduced new technologies to improve pipe inspection and is the former chair of the Southside Safety Committee, former Soil and Concrete instructor of SRP field personal, and is the official SRP translator for Arabic-English for SRP Residential Customer Service. Hassan holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington, postgraduate courses from Arizona State University and an MBA with emphasis in Management and Leadership from WIU in Phoenix.

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