Isotrope, LLC
Medfield, Massachusetts
Rescue Deck™: Place of Refuge for Mammals Caught in Canals
The Rescue Deck extends partially above the water. Current flows through while pushing victims safely above the water line. It gives able people a way out, gently scoops the incapacitated out of the water, and provides a platform for rescue operations. It is robust and has no moving parts.
The modular RescueDeck™ could be installed in several ways in the field and a reduction in width or height would reduce the structural footprint. The device minimizes the potential for attractive nuisance by maintaining a low-profile in the water. When coupled with an effective debris management system, impacts to operations can be minimized.
Peltonen & Sardi
Peltonen & Sardi Rescue Stairs System - RS-1
Greenfields Irrigation District
Canal Egress Promoted by a Submerged, Inclined, Stepped Ramp