Meet the Finalists

Finalists will be awarded $50,000 each to build a lab-scale prototype within a six-month period.
Canal Egress Promoted by a Submerged, Inclined, Stepped Ramp

Greenfields Irrigation District

The geometry of a submerged, inclined stepped ramp utilizes the force of flowing water to force, carry, or otherwise lift trapped individuals to safety.
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Rescue Deck™: Place of Refuge for Mammals Caught in Canals

Isotrope, LLC

The canal contains a partially submerged grate that lets victims walk, crawl or be rescued from the current, like a virtual beach.
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Culvert and Siphon - Hydro Scoop

WGM Group, Inc.

The culvert Hydro Scoop is designed to capture floating objects (humans, animals, objects) within the upper portion of a canals water column.
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Honorable Mentions

Two additional submissions have been named Honorable Mentions for their solutions.
Colored Dots Provide a Path for Self-Rescue

Northern Water

A series of brightly colored orange dots painted on the canal walls, will illustrate an approaching ladder by being spaced incrementally closer together.
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Peltonen & Sardi Rescue Stairs System - RS-1

Peltonen & Sardi

The RS-1 is an extremely simple design allowing for full adjustability and modularity for all canal shapes, sizes, and water levels.
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