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Three finalists participated in a virtual demonstration event of their lab-scale prototypes in a small-scale laboratory flume at the Bureau of Reclamation’s Hydraulics Laboratory in November 2021. The devices were installed in the straight canal section and also directly in front of a siphon (“point of no return”). Based on the results of the test runs, Isotrope, LLC, has been named the winner of the $100,000 Grand Prize for their Rescue Deck™.
challenge winner
During the demonstration, the gradual slope of the Rescue Deck allowed for human dummies to wash up gently on the deck in a safe manner, like a virtual beach. The gradual slope promotes self-egress from canals and safe assistance by rescuers.
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Finalists were awarded $50,000 each to build a lab-scale prototype within a six-month period.
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Honorable Mentions

Two additional submissions have been named Honorable Mentions for their solutions.
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